What about Smoothies?

When I first started to build this menu, smoothies seemed like a great part of the plan.
And lazily I just picked my way through internet smoothie recipes.
I mean they looked the part…Lots of fruits and other powerful looking nutritional items.
But I soon realised that they mostly all tasted the same, because they were mostly thinking of the nutrition and of adding things that were not necessary like spirulina and macca. And that samey taste was pretty bland.
So it was back to basics and take it right down to it’s components.

  •  Smoothies would have to generally contain one fruit, maybe sometimes two. So that, for instance, a strawberry drink would actually taste of strawberry. Sometimes two fruits will work if one dominates the other. Strawberry and banana works because the strawberry can dominate enough with the right amount.
  • Always use frozen fruit where possible. It keeps the drink cool and fresh and the nutritional factor is higher.
  • Make sure that other nutritional additions do not distort the flavour unfavourably.
  • Only sweeten it when necessary.
  • Each smoothie in the menu is designed to fill a nutritional gap or gaps. So they can just slot in in a useful way.
  • Do not bother with green smoothies. It is pointless drudgery. You can get the same nutrition from eating your food.
  • Always blend the smoothie…no juicing as you will be throwing away good fibre
  • Do not include smoothies if you are trying to lose weight. You will not be satisfied.

Current Smoothie Collection

Mango Smoothie

Although a pretty good all rounder this is primarily for
Vit-A and Vit-C

Cocobanana Drink

This one was a bit of a deviation from my protocol
I just like it though it is a top up for potassium and vit-E

Choco Peano Shake

This one was purely created as a chocolaty protein boost

Kiwi Protoyog Smoothie

This one is a boost for
Vit-C and Vit-K and Protein

Raspberry Smoothie

Raspberry drink 
with some balancing bits
covers Vit-C Vit-K and fibre
raspberry taste fairly intact

Strawb Bran Smoothie

A strawberry banana one big on Vit-C
bit of extra on the Vit-B’s
And some fibre

Oat Bran Smoothie

One of the more multi drinks covers general
potassium and fibre

Nutriberry Cherry

Prob my favourite cherry goes with chocolate mainly to boost Vit-B in general

Raspberry Simple

For Vit-C
Or the simple enjoyment of Raspberry

Coco Orangeberry Drink

A quick fruity drink
Vit-C Vit-K 
Potassium and Fibre

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