The Menu

  • Choose something from the menu. Then check out the daily combinations below to create full balance.
  • Or check the the vital ingredients that make up the combinations and create something yourself

Chicken Walnut Pasta

Bean Pot

Old Rice Salad

Swiss Army Salad

Dovi Stew

Red Soup

Corn Fish Chowder

Spicy Sauerkraut Stew

Bubble and Squeak

Shepherds Pie

Chickpea Salad Mix

Greek Tahini Pizza

Veggie Breakfast

Asparagus Green Curry

Garlicky Kale n Bean Stew

Lentil Coconut Pot

Split Pea Soup


Halloumi Brekky

Pea and Lentil Quinoa


Chicken Currypot

Tuna Baked Potato

Lentil Chilli

Saus n Cauliflower Cheese

Cowboy Hotpot

Egg Beans and Chips

Quinoa Breakfast



Mushroom Omelette

Beans on Toast

Egg Salmon Brekky

Brown Rice Yoghurt

Kiwi Yoghurt

Coco Orangeberry Drink

Mango Smoothie

Cottage Walnut Snack

Oat Bran Smoothie

Tuna Sandwich

Tuna Toast

Choco Peano Shake

Oat Chia Porridge

Cottage Almond Snack

Kiwi Protoyog Smoothie

Oat Bran Porridge

Raspberry Smoothie

Porridge Plus

Cocobanana Drink

Soft Cheese n Avo Toast

Egg Mayo Sandwich

Chocolate Avo Pudding

Tuna Avocado Wrap

Strawb Bran Smoothie

Nutriberry Cherry

Malay Saus Sandwich

Raspberry Simple

Rasp Porridge/Muesli

Bananan Split

All Bran Banana