Which Supplements?

Well….There is a short answer to this. None really.
We were not designed to function on supplements and we do not need to. But this only applies if you are paying a calculated attention to what you eat, and even then, things could get a bit samey. 
The Food Mod is designed to get you accustomed to balancing your diet.
There are a few things that I would suggest


It is one of three oddities I have found in the modern western diet. Even if you eat a healthy balanced diet with a wide variety of foods, all the boxes may be ticked, but zinc will often remain a difficult one and come in lacking or it may be fulfilled but way out of balance with its main partner…copper. I have found that with regular practice of observation it can be corrected by adding a 10mg zinc supplement. 
This particular habit is one of optimising. But why not. It may be not necessary if you eat beef several times a week or you have a freezer full of oysters.

Omega 3

There is a lot you can say and there is a lot that has been written about the ratio of omega 3 to 6, and of the lack of omega 3 in most diets. The ratio is important because these essential oils share the same enzyme pool. It is postulated that we likely evolved on a straight 1:1 ratio. Maybe in the days when the sea was booming with fish and so were the rivers, we just ate plenty of it. Or it could be conversley that we did not have the omega 6 overload that we now have to tip the balance.
Add to this, that other forms of omega 3 found in nuts and seeds do not convert enough for the desired effect. 

It makes sense for your balanced health to supplement with omega 3 oil. One used to have to circumspectly find purified filtered fish oil, but now most of the omega 3 oils on the market have come into line. Also for vegans, or anybody really, the original source of omega 3 from algae is just as good.
Two teaspoons of this fish oil does the trick or capsules of algae based omega 3 taken at recommendation


I stumbled upon choline whilst investigating Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, which is quite common. Lack of choline is part of what leads to NAFLD. It is probably low in most people although the daily requirement varies. It is a multi functional nutrient and can be sustained by eating two eggs every day or by taking a 250mg supplement, which is not overkill and just helps top it up. Outside of that the only way to make sure is to track what you eat and observe. I do this but still take the supplement except when I have eaten two eggs.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is a hormone which is now widely taken on the basis that we do not see the sun enough. It is produced by the liver but requires a supply from either sunlight or a restricted group of foods. Which ever way you look at it, especially if you live in cloudy countries, you may as well take the supplement. 400 iu or 10ug is a good enough top up. 

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