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One of our main aims in life is to have a good innings and live life to the full. A founding inspiration for me was my Grandparents. They lived their lives free of dietary obligations , were not subject to modern stress, excercised lightly and ate pretty much everything in moderation. They lived in good condition to 93 and 103. We too can live long in happy moderation with the added advantage of lots of scientific data to help us stay on the path

  • There are a choice of routes
  • If you are super busy just check out the tips for better nutrition on the go
  • Maybe you have a bit more time or you simply want to enjoy eating. Then check out the Menu.
  • For people who like full creative control you can view the menu as it is broken down into its vital daily components and turn it into your own thing
  • You can make a menu for the week and eat it in any order you want
  • If you have special requirements, perhaps keeping weight down or medical stipulations, or simply want it done for you, then contact me

The Menu default is for the ‘Brain Dead’. 
Everything you need should be already in the kitchen and we have tested the menu so many times that you will be able to Auto-Pilot your way through without the need for thinking or interpretation.
Most meals here can be served up within an hour. Many of them much quicker.

The food menu is made up from a standard range of food that is available from your local supermarket. No exotic hunting required. Recipes here have been modified for balance and tested repeatedly to improve the taste and the procedure. There is a food list of storable items that are used in the menu

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