Get Organised


If you are going to make cooking a smooth passage of activity, these are number one. Casserole pan/Dutch oven. This is the one I use. Got it from M and S for £50. Cooks on the hob top and goes in the oven. This will usually see action 3 or 4 times per week. If you do not have one or do not want to get one, a big hob top pan will do for most of the things on the menu.
If you do get one, or have one, get some oven gloves to go with it.

A 900 watt Nutribullet. Or you could try something with similar power. I would not go under 900 watt or you will be partially eating some of your drinks, or picking things out of your teeth. I would recommend this though. Because, for me, I have used it regularly for many years, and it is working as good as the day I got it

The hanging rack with big S hooks. This is not really necessary but makes a lot of difference to making meals. Ergonomic practical flow in the kitchen. Having a hanging rack or two at shoulder height makes operating in the kitchen so much easier. I have a magnetic one for knives, big spoons, measuring cups and graters on the opposite side. Basically anything that can hang will hang.

There are many people that groan at the mention of measuring/weighing food. I get it…my last partner was like that. Some nights when she cooked it was great and other times it was not. When you have made the effort to cook I would rather make sure it tastes good. Again, out in the open, at arms reach, with these type of scales you can just wheel around and drop something straight in the pan and you are done. These Sabichi scales are less than £20 and are pretty robust.

Measuring cups. Will cause more groans. Often citing they are the American way. They are more likely imperial English and they are a fast way of measuring stuff. They usually come in a set of four but you only really need one. I just use the half cup as I lost the full cup. Worth remembering that one full cup is 250ml

The Rest

From left to right
Oven Gloves: Smooths the operation and reduces stress. They are always hanging on the oven door.
Stainless steel mixing bowl: Good for mixing and assembling salads. Handy if it has litre markings
Pyrex Jug: Used every day. Must be at least one litre
Wooden spoons:
Stainless steel colander: Better made of steel then it can work as a makeshift steamer.
Large frying pan: with a lid
Chopping knife: a good quality one makes for happier chopping.
Sharpener: A good old style one will keep the chopping happy.
Medium saucepan: again with a lid.
Box grater: for the bigger stuff.
Mini grater: for finer work , like ginger and parmesan


There are a couple of ways to being well organised and they both involve having your shopping delivered.
1. Plan ahead and write out a menu for between four and seven days. Knock up a shopping list and have it delivered. If you have used the system of combinations from this site it is easy to list what you need. You can pretty much eat it in any order as the nutrition will pan out over the week. If you are struggling to think what to eat, use the Random Mealwheel on the home page.
2. The second way is a bit more organised in the flow of things, but gives you more flexibility to change your mind. This way is to build a food store . The food store that supplies this menu is listed further down. Grab your fresh stuff on the way home and replenish the store food by clicking on your favoured delivery site and adding things as they run out. When it builds up a bit have it delivered.
I have added a few popular ones (UK) here in case you want to join one straight away. Bear in mind that they may not all deliver to your area. Give it a check first.

Storable Foods List