First port of call was inflammatory effects. The first one is to control incoming Omega 6 by partially observing what comes in using the table of foods by rating of their Omega 6 levels. Check the table and stick to the lower Omega 6 stuff for the most part and keep your eye on bigger chunk of it.
You can see at a glance how quickly and easily Omega 6 can rack up.
Try sticking with Olive Oil for all oil needs, or Flaxseed Oil.

Then supplement with Omega 3 fish oil. This should bring the ratio of Omega 3 to 6 to inside 1:4. 
So observation of the table and 1 Tbsp of fish oil per day should achieve this.
Below is one of the best fish oils I could find. The one that I use. Pure filtered and good value.

The other proven way of getting inflammation is to try a course of Turmeric.
Again there is a reccomended one below that covers 3 months.
I used the dose described in the large study done on inflammation, which was 4 capsules or as described in the study 2400mg.
Both these items may have helped conquer my Polymyalgia
They are two things that are worth trying that require little pain or dicipline 

Gut Health

As we discussed, this is more about tackling the cause than the symptoms.
Couple of things to consider here amongst probably many things.
Firstly the preparing of grains nuts and beans. Which is listed below.
Then further added below is a list of allowed foods following the Lectin Protocol
Also listed is the website from which this comes
The effect of lectins on the stomach and intestines is debatable but there is no harm in testing it out
There is no doubt that they harm the microvilli in the guts
The debate is how much they harm them

Omega 6 and 3 table of foods

Anti-inflammatory products

Lectin Free Foods

Nuts Seeds Pulses Grains Beans

For every 250 ml of filtered soaking water add 1/2 tsp of salt and 1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar or 1 tsp of Lemon Juice
Do this in a glass or ceramic bowl
Cover with a cloth or tea towel
When cycle has finished drain the water and rinse thouroughly
With non cooking items like nuts and seeds, dehydrate on a tray in the oven on its lowest setting (prob 60 or 70C) for 24 hours
#Do not oversoak beyond stated hours as there are vatious consequences#

Almonds (Blanched easier)12 HoursRemove skins if there
Black Beans12 Hours
Borlotti Beans8 Hours
Brazil Nuts4 Hours Max
Broad Beans12 Hours MIn
Buckwheat7 Hours Max
Bulgur WheatNo Need
Butter Beans8 Hours (12 max)
Canellini Beans8 Hours (12 max)
Cashew Nuts4 Hours Max
Chia SeedsDon't bother
Chickpeas12 HoursAdd 1 Tbsp Bicarb per 500g
Cous CousNo Point
Flagelot Beans8 Hours
Flax SeedsNo Need
Haricot Beans8 Hours
Hazelnuts8 Hours
Hemp SeedsNo Need
Kidney Beans10 hours
Green Lentils4 Hours
Red Lentils 2 Hours
Brown Rice24 Hours
Macademia NUts2 Hours
Millet5 Hours
Mung Beans 8 Hours
Oats12 Hours
Peanuts8 Hours
Pine Nuts4 Hours
Pinto Beans 12 Hours
Pistachio Nuts8 Hours
Puy Lentils7 Hours
Quinoa5 Hours
Sesame Seeds8 Hours
Sunflower Seeds8 Hours
Walnuts4 Hours Max