Vegan Menu

Choose something from the menu. Then check out the daily combinations for items that complement what you have chosen. 
Or check the the vital ingredients that make up the combinations and create something yourself.

Quinoa Breakfast

Porridge Plus


Choco Peano Shake

Bean Pot

Chocolate Avo Pudding

Red Soup

Beans on Toast

Cocobanana Drink

Raspberry Simple


Spicy Sauerkraut Stew

Chickpea Salad Mix

Lentil Coconut Pot

Dovi Stew

Pea and Lentil Quinoa

Oat Chia Porridge

Garlicky Kale n Bean Stew

Asparagus Green Curry

Quorn Fajitas

Oat Bran Porridge

Split Pea Soup

Lentil Chilli